Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Native American Artifacts

Our carefully crafted artifacts are modern day replicas of historical artifacts used by the Native Americans.  Take a look at the Medicine Wheel to the right. It represents the circle of life.  The center cross bar symbolizes the four winds, four seasons, four directions and four teachers.  It is considered to be good luck by the Native Americans.  Many Natives display it in their homes for protection. When you purchase one of our artifacts, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity including the name of the Native American responsible for crafting it.

One of our Featured Artists-Curtis Bitsui
Curtis Bitsui is a great example of a modern Native American Navajo who is preserving his heritage while working in the 21st century world.  The Navajo Nation, where Bitsui and many skilled artisans originate, extends into the states of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. 

Curtis ha
s been making artifacts for over 15 years.  His bows, quivers, and arrows are all made by hand using buckskin with hand stitching and braiding, representing traditional handcrafted Indian artifacts.  Many of his bow and quiver sets also have genuine red fox or coyote fur, real glass beads, and prayer feathers.  Curtis' business has grown from a one-man shop to employing many Native Americans from the Reservation.  As a leader among his people, he offers hand crafted Indian crafts that have become sought after around the world.

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